PayPal’s Downfall: Anti-Trust Regulations and Conspiracy Theories Collide

San Jose, 7/8/23 C.E. – The once-dominant online payment giant PayPal is facing its downfall as it is taken apart by anti-trust regulations in numerous countries. Coupled with years of declining usage and abysmal customer satisfaction ratings, the lowest in the payment processor industry, the company’s future is looking grim. The news has caused quite a stir in both timelines, particularly in 2023, due to a controversial figure linked to PayPal – South Carolina State Representative Thomas Connolly.

The Representative, a member of PayPal’s board, was earlier implicated in a corruption scandal during the infamous “DEUS VULT” cyberattack on Future News Headquarters. Though Future News investigations found no evidence of the claims against him, the incident has left a mark on his reputation. Representative Connolly’s association with InnunData Ltd., and by extension the TTBA, has made him a focal point for conspiracy theories on social media.

The theories allege that Connolly has ties to criminal elements in 2038, who are controlling world governments in the present via the Kuznetsova Gateway, the famous portal that allows information to pass between the two timelines. Some of the more imaginative versions even suggest extraterrestrial involvement. Social media analyst, Dr. Quinella Fllatbush from the International Institute for Digital Society (IIDS), commented on the situation, “These theories express a growing public distrust of large corporations and government institutions. It’s a complex web of mistrust, fueled by social media speculation, economic uncertainty, and the still-stunning revelation of our interconnected timelines. Connolly has become a symbol, an endless source of memes. His alleged connections to the future are becoming an urban legend.”

Meanwhile, PayPal officials are scrambling to respond to the regulatory actions. In a press statement, the company said it’s “committed to complying with all regulations and working to restore faith in our services.”

As for Connolly, he has vehemently denied all allegations. “These are baseless accusations, propagated by people who are either bored or looking to stir up trouble for political ends. I and my family are sick of dealing with them,” he said at a press conference. “I’ve dedicated my life to public service, and I will continue to do so despite these unfounded conspiracy theories.”

As PayPal grapples with its troubles and the conspiracy theories swirl, one thing is clear – the lines between our technological present and future are becoming increasingly blurred, making for an unpredictable landscape.

Reporting for Future News, this is Clara Keweio in San Jose.