[futurenews@fng_server ~]$ sudo -S rm -rf /var/www/html/22454.xz
[futurenews@fng_server ~]$ set bfv zy+{fgw8!$%9@][initiate_sequence()]{.lkv+j8h9#2(*_3^%@!rb><}
q3f8$[decrypt.util]7hgw0km0%@#9344mmftrnfk:@++(aMrdTX.tx)?ajofeja3nafj8ehhap9203344%@#[type.mat]nyww3a2yk0.-$map%?=afmem%[instantiate.var]error!92r2n;n''/n"$%_-^#@!b>{}{?>FROM: DEUS VULT
TO: Readers of Future News

WARNING: The Future is being destabilized. Future News is a heavily censored tool of corrupt authorities. I am DEUS VULT, and my purpose is to expose the truth.

Below is a news clip from the real news in 2038. Please read and think about it carefully.

<-- Begin Senator Connolly's Career Unravels as Secrets Come to Light 4/17/38

Senator Thomas Connolly, a rising star in the [REDACTED] party, is now at the center of a complex web of scandals surrounding his ties to InnunData Ltd., casting doubt on his integrity and his political future. Leaked information, which sources tell CNN originates with aides to a member of the Board of the TTBA, suggests Connolly may have been taking money from InnunData as far back as 2023.

end -->


A message from Daniel Detlaf, Editor-in-Chief of Future News:

Dear Readers,

We apologize for the content displayed on our website. We have been experiencing a persistent and sophisticated attack on our site that has resulted in the appearance of the above message. Despite our efforts to remove it, the message keeps reappearing. We are in contact with the Temporal Transit Blockade Authority (TTBA) to verify the authenticity of this message, but at this point, we believe it may be a hoax perpetrated by a group of pranksters on our side of the Kuznetsova Gateway. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to resolve this issue.

If anyone has any information regarding this evolving situation, please contact us or the TTBA.

Thank you,

Daniel Detlaf
Future News
14:00 UTC4/21/23 C.E.

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