Questions Raised About SC State Rep. Thomas Connolly Following ‘DEUS VULT’ Incident

Columbia, 4/24/23 C.E. – The recent DEUS VULT cyberattack on Future News has had unexpected consequences for South Carolina State Representative Thomas Connolly, who now finds himself at the center of a controversy surrounding his alleged connection to the future events mentioned during the mysterious break-in.

Thomas Connolly, a charismatic and ambitious 39-year-old politician, is currently serving his second term as a State Representative in South Carolina. With a background in law and a passion for environmental policy, he has gained a reputation as a dedicated public servant focused on improving the lives of his constituents.

However, following the DEUS VULT incident, when a computer virus published a message with information purporting to be from the future, Connolly’s name has been linked to InnunData Ltd., the global research conglomerate with past ties to Project Chronoton and the Temporal Transit Blockade Authority. Critics have been quick to jump on the message – which described a “Senator Thomas Connolly” implicated in a financial scandal in 2038 involving bribery by InnunData – as evidence that SC. Rep. Connolly is the same man and is guilty presently.  With no concrete proof supporting these claims, the situation has spiraled into a frenzy of speculation and baseless accusations.

Despite vehemently denying any involvement with InnunData Ltd. or any knowledge of the company’s future activities, Connolly’s reputation has been called into question. In a public message to Future News, Connolly expressed his frustration, saying, “This is ridiculous. I’m being smeared by lies generated by a computer. Even if these claims are true in the future, I haven’t done anything wrong. It’s absurd! I demand an apology from Future News for publishing this libelous garbage.”

The representative has been particularly angered by the rapid spread of the story using hashtags such as #crime and #fascism on the popular social media network Mastodon.

Connolly has called for a thorough investigation into the DEUS VULT incident and requested that the TTBA step in to address any potential misuse of information from the future. Prior to this, the TTBA had already completed an initial investigation of the data center at Future News headquarters where the attack took place, and it is unclear what further investigations Connolly is hoping to initiate.

Future News has followed up on the allegations against Connolly and, at this time, can find no evidence to support any connection between the State Representative and InnunData Ltd. While it is unclear how or why Connolly’s name appeared in the DEUS VULT message, the incident has put a spotlight on the pitfalls of contact with 2038.

Meanwhile, Future News remains committed to providing accurate and responsible journalism, as we work to unravel the mysteries surrounding this unusual cyberattack and the instant scandal embroiling Rep. Connolly.

Reporting for Future News, this is Becca Martin in Columbia.