Future News Weekly Digest – Week of May 1st – 7th, 23/38

TTBA Condemns U.S. “Temporal Sovereignty” Movement
The “Temporal Sovereignty” movement has grown in the United States, seeking to change 2038 through actions in the present.

A Flicker of the Past: The Candle Renaissance
As people seek a respite from their technology-infused lives, candles are a symbol of natural simplicity

A Sporting Surprise: Soccer and Cricket Are Conquering America in 2038
Future News readers are often curious about the state of sports on the far side of the Kuznetsova Gateway.

Profile: Karolina Vojtěchová
Karolina Vojtěchová serves as Future News correspondent for Central and Eastern Europe

Mystery Deepens as Investigation Continues into Chotebor Warehouse Explosion
The small warehouse, owned by InnunData Ltd., was devastated by a gas explosion, causing a fire and minor damage to nearby buildings.

Man Sues His Future Self, Legal World Watches with Bated Breath
A local resident has filed a lawsuit against his future self, claiming damages for actions that have allegedly caused significant harm to his present life.

Finland’s Fantastic Grass: A Paper Industry Game-Changer
The global paper industry is changing for the better, thanks to a new, fast-growing grass with amazing paper-making properties.

A Bet on Wheels: The Silver Sud’s Winning Streak in Beer Delivery
A new drone semi-truck delivering ice-cold fresh beer to parched throats in Las Vegas is the talk of the town.

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