TTBA Condemns U.S. “Temporal Sovereignty” Movement

Boise, 5/7/23 C.E. – A nascent political movement dubbed “Temporal Sovereignty” has emerged in the United States, calling for direct manipulation of present-day events to change the future. The group believes that the United States has the necessary technological resources to alter the course of history and thus shape the future, despite the inherent risks and existing time travel restrictions. Their goals have met with immediate opposition from the scientific community, the Temporal Transit Blockade Authority (TTBA), and national leaders from around the world.

The TTBA, the U.N. organization responsible for maintaining the Kuznetsova Temporal Gateway and preventing undesirable phenomena like paradoxes, swiftly condemned the Temporal Sovereignty movement. The Authority’s official stance is that “under no circumstances will the TTBA permit information or material intended to further the movement’s goals” to cross the anomaly. They have also called for the urgent passage of laws and treaties making it illegal to advocate for deliberate disruption of the future’s timeline.

“The TTBA was established to preserve harmony between past and future,” said Vanessa Diaz, spokesperson for the TTBA. “The idea of manipulating present events to deliberately alter the situation in 2038 is reckless and foolhardy. Violent even. It undermines the very principles of stability that we strive to maintain.”

Supporters of Temporal Sovereignty argue that the attempt to change the future is an exercise of human agency and an essential part of individual and collective freedom. “How can we, as a society, accept a predetermined future without any influence over it?” asked Carter Ward, a vocal proponent of the movement. “Temporal agency is as vital as any other form of freedom, and we should be allowed to pursue it. The very idea of not affecting the future is idiotic. Everything we do affects the future. To not affect it, we’d have to disappear – only that would affect it too!”

In an interview with Future News, Dr. Elizah Parker, a renowned temporal physicist from the University of Chicago, questioned the feasibility of the group’s goals. “Despite the existence of the Kuznetsova Gateway, the causal link and the relationship between actions in our present timeline and the future remains unclear. What Temporal Sovereignty is advocating for may not even be possible. However,” he added with a deeply worried expression, “if these things are possible, we could be talking about massive disruptions or even loss of life in the future.”

Popular opinion around the world seems to be firmly against the movement, with hashtags #ChronoNazi and #quantumfascism trending on popular social networks like Mastodon.

Reporting for Future News, this is Travis Sanders in Boise.