Mystery Deepens as Investigation Continues into Chotebor Warehouse Explosion

Chotebor, 5/4/23 C.E. – The investigation into the warehouse explosion that rocked the quiet town of Chotebor last month continues, with authorities still searching for answers. The small warehouse, owned by InnunData Ltd., was devastated by a gas explosion, causing a fire and minor damage to nearby buildings. As questions mount, the local community remains on edge.

Güntaar Žižka, the man initially arrested in connection with the explosion, has since been released by the police due to lack of evidence. Although Žižka refused to speak to our reporter, his employer, Josef Krátký, the owner of Krátký’s Woodworking Shop, spoke with us briefly. “Güntaar told me he had been mistreated by the police and didn’t feel safe anymore. He wouldn’t be the first one,” Krátký said grimly.  “He said he was going to visit cousins in Poland. Then he, why, he just up and left!” continued an exasperated Krátký.

Žižka was arrested in the confusion immediately after the blast, as he ran toward a police officer to get help. The frightened policeman thought he was being attacked, and a scuffle ensued, with more police jumping in and ending in Žižka’s arrest. After it was cleared up, they kept him for more questions because he had varnish and paint-remover stained cloths in his overall pockets, which police initially thought could be accelerants for arson at the warehouse, but were later determined to be simply rags he used as he cleaned around the woodshop.

As authorities continue their investigation, they have uncovered some unusual findings. The warehouse, owned by research corporation InnunData Ltd., had been primarily used for storage, but forensic teams have discovered signs of high-tech equipment and materials that had been recently removed. This information has intensified speculation about the company’s possible connection to the Kuznetsova Gateway.

The Temporal Transit Blockade Authority (TTBA) has also become involved in the investigation, raising even more eyebrows among Chotebor residents. Officials from the TTBA declined to comment on their involvement, stating only that they are “cooperating with local authorities on this matter.” InnunData Ltd. has remained tight-lipped about the blast, further fueling rumors and suspicions.

With the involvement of both InnunData Ltd. and the TTBA, the explosion has become more than just a local incident. For now, the quiet town of Chotebor finds itself at the center of a growing mystery that has captured international attention.

Reporting for Future News, this is Karolina Vojtěchová in Chotebor.

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