Future News Weekly Digest – Week of July 3rd – July 9th 23/38

Microplastic-Eating Microbes: A Glimmer of Hope in the Fight Against Pollution
While far from a silver bullet, the bugs represents a promising step forward in the global battle against plastic pollution.

PayPal’s Downfall: Anti-Trust Regulations and Conspiracy Theories Collide
Coupled with years of declining usage and abysmal customer satisfaction ratings, the company’s future is looking grim.

A Glimpse into the Future: An Exclusive with the Temporal Transit Blockade Authority Spokeswoman
Tso has been the public face of many stories concerning the Kuznetsova Gateway and the TTBA, bridging the gap not just between the years 2023 and 2038.

Astronomy Takes a Giant Leap: The Rise of the Space-Based Astronomer
Light pollution has plagued astronomers for decades, but its effects are driving scientists to seek higher ground.

Holographs Light Up the Skies: The New Face of 4th July Celebrations
At the National Mall in Washington D.C., the Independence Day celebrations were a display of holographic artistry and laser precision.