Future News Weekly Digest – Week of May 15th – 21st, 23/38

“Walking Shadow” Reign of Terror Continues: Perth’s Homeless Community Fights Back
The reign of terror continues in Perth as the “Walking Shadow,” blamed for the brutal murders of homeless individuals, remains at large.

Quantum Resonance Raises Fears Among Temporal Physicists and Seismologists
Seismologists are baffled by a mysterious seismic event that seems to have occurred simultaneously in 2023 and 2038.

Russian Company’s Neural Implant for Dogs Sparks Outrage
A Russian company has developed a neural implant for dogs, drawing fury from animal rights activists.

Letters to the Editor
Dear FN, When are you going to tell us where the Kuznetsova Temporal Gateway is?! We deserve to know!

Fertile Grounds: Transforming Sterile Sand into Life-Giving Soil
Salubriant is transforming sterile sand into rich, life-giving soil on Earth, and now, hopefully on the Moon and Mars.

Drivers Amped About Success of EV Charging Freeway in Colorado
A 90-mile stretch of I-25 has been resurfaced with technology to charge electric vehicles on the go.

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