Celestial Foundry Executives and Family Perish in Drone Taxi Accident

New York, 7/20/2038 T.A.D. – A disastrous mid-air collision between two autonomous drone taxis has claimed the lives of seven people, including two small children.

The catastrophe occurred yesterday evening near the Hudson River, against the backdrop of New York’s dazzling skyline. One drone was ferrying a family, including two young children aged 6 and 8. The other was carrying three top-tier executives from Celestial Foundry, the renowned asteroid mining conglomerate. The identities of the family remain undisclosed pending notification of relatives.

The tragic loss of life extends beyond the immediate victims, as it has dealt a significant blow to Celestial Foundry. The company lost several key executives, including Chief of Metallurgy Robert Fresnel, who was renowned for his work at the Celestial Foundry facilities in lunar orbit. He was attending meetings on Earth at the time of the incident. The company’s stock took a slight dip following the news.

In a statement released this morning, Celestial Foundry expressed the company’s profound sorrow. “We extend our deepest condolences to the families of our colleagues and those of the other victims. Our hearts go out to them in this time of unimaginable loss.”

This accident, a rare occurrence in an industry known for its safety records, has raised numerous questions. With advanced anti-collision systems and AI-controlled air traffic networks, such accidents are nearly unheard of. Investigative journalist, Isla Sullivan, has put forth a bold theory. “Given the safety measures in place and the significance of the passengers, one cannot help but consider the possibility of corporate sabotage,” she stated during an appearance as a commentator on Future News.

However, no evidence supporting this claim has been produced. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the FAA have launched investigations into the incident. “We are looking into all possible causes,” said NTSB spokesperson, Aaron Gonzalez. “It’s too soon to speculate, but we assure the public that no stone will be left unturned.”

As the city and the corporate world reel from this tragedy, the future of autonomous air travel hangs in the balance.

Reporting for Future News, this is Evelyn Hirsch in New York.

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