Letters to the Editor

Dear Future News,

In the future, have we managed to transition to renewable energy sources on a global scale, or are we still reliant on fossil fuels?

Sincerely, Sweltering Sarah from Belmopan

Dear Sarah,

I wish I had better news. We’ve tried to keep abreast of energy developments in 2038, and to be sure, progress has been made! Unfortunately, according to a best estimate by the IAEA, 26% of power consumed in 2038 still comes from fossil fuels, especially as fuels for maritime commerce.

Solar and tidal energy have become the real workhorses of industry, but other forms of generation including hydrogen fuel cells are in widespread use. Our own Isabella Torres drives a hydrogen-powered two-door sedan! Quite economical, I’m told. It has to be, on her salary, I’m told frequently.


D.D., Editor-in-Chief

Dear Future News,

With the ongoing development of electric vehicles and self-driving cars, I’m curious about the transportation landscape in 2038. Have we made significant progress in improving traffic conditions?

Thanks, Just Scott from Jacksonville

Greetings Scott,

We have reason to be jealous on that front. They have flying taxis! But that is not so different from today: by and large, the future travels by car, train, bike, and bus. On the other hand, they also have self-driving beer trucks. Self. Driving. Beer. Trucks. Truly, the future is a world of marvels.

I don’t have any data on traffic statistics, but with the advances in AI we’ve read about, it may well be that self-driving “smart” cars have succeeded in reducing traffic congestion by networking together to avoid conflicts.


D.D., Editor-in-Chief

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