Future News Weekly Digest – Week of June 5th – June 11th 23/38

From Dust to Drink: Octotem’s TapRoots Rewrite the Rules of Water Sourcing
The company’s genetically engineered plants dubbed TapRoots are capable of producing 0.3L of water in a day.

Squirroons and Cabbits, Oh My! The Craze Behind Customized Pets
People are flocking to bioengineered pet stores specializing in hybrid animals like cabbits and squirroons.

Mysterious Crop Circles Reveal Unexpected Message: A Call for Unity?
The intricacy of the patterns baffled locals and experts alike until an inspirational hidden message was revealed.

New Growth Factor Model Opens Door to Regeneration, Cure for Cancer
A new method for understanding proteins called growth factors has sent shockwaves through the medical community.