Future News Weekly Digest – Week of April 17th -23rd, 23/38

Cyberattack at Future News Headquarters in Albuquerque
Future News has fallen victim to a cyberattack that info scientists with the Time Transit Blockade Authority say originated in 2038.

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Breaking the Ice: Starship Artemis Set to Unravel Europa’s Mysteries
In an ambitious move to explore the icy moon Europa, the International Space Agency (ISA) has launched the first AI robotic exploratory mission to the Jovian moon.

Twin Time Capsules: A Unique Study of Time
An innovative study will examine the effects of time on various materials after passage through the Kuznetsova Gateway.

Controversial Hacktivist Frank “Jazzie” Walker: A Life Remembered
A shadowy giant of the public imagination passed away yesterday, when Frank “Jazzie” Walker reportedly died in his sleep of natural causes.

Silent Skies: Noise-Cancelling Drone Technology Set to Transform Urban Airspaces
Advanced noise-cancelling technology for drones is ready to begin reducing noise pollution and improving quality of life in cities.

Woman’s Bioengineered Octopus Intervenes in Violent Altercation
An evening at a harbor-side bar in Texas took an unexpected turn when a bioengineered land octopus intervened to save its owner.

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