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The Kuznetsova Temporal Gateway was discovered in early 2021 by a team of scientists led by Dr. Natalia Kuznetsova. The Gateway is a temporal anomaly that allows for real-time communication with a point exactly 15 years, 9 hours, 26 minutes, and 51 seconds in the future. The nature of this anomaly defies our current understanding of space-time, as it maintains a constant relative temporal distance between two points, creating what our physicists have termed โ€œchronal entanglement.โ€ Such fixed connections have perplexed scientists on both sides of the Gateway, as they challenge known physical models.

The TADVERSE (Temporal Anomaly Date-verse) operates with two dating systems. Articles written on our side of the Gateway, primarily concerning the present, are dated using the standard Common Era (C.E.) system (e.g., 4/11/23 C.E.). Articles written by our future correspondents on the other side of the anomaly are dated using the Temporal Anomaly Date (T.A.D.) system (e.g., 4/11/38 T.A.D.). It is important to note that while the future can communicate with the past, the past does not seem to rewrite the future in any sense that researchers have been able to understand. The exact nature and extent of causal connections between the present and 2038 is the focus of furious and intensive research, preoccupying many of the greatest geniuses and polymaths of our time.

Given the potential for paradoxes and inconsistencies, the Temporal Transit Blockade Authority (TTBA) has been established to oversee the flow of information and material through the Gateway. The TTBA works diligently to maintain the stability of the existing timelines while fostering meaningful exchange between the present and the future.

Here at Future News, we are privileged to have been granted exclusive media access to reporters from the future by the TTBA since April 2023. Our mission is to provide you, our readers, with a unique and thought-provoking glimpse into the possibilities and challenges of tomorrow.

In our pursuit of sharing the wonders and challenges of the future, we acknowledge the inherent responsibility to approach these stories with sensitivity and caution. By working closely with the TTBA, we ensure that the information shared through the Kuznetsova Temporal Gateway is curated to minimize the risk of paradoxes, inconsistencies, and unintended consequences. As such, certain technological advancements and discoveries from the future may be withheld or presented with limited details to safeguard the integrity of both timelines.

As you explore the articles and stories of the TADVERSE, we invite you to embark on a journey through time, where the extraordinary becomes ordinary, and the future is just a click away.


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